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How we're different

How we prepare some of our Best Products to ensure our customers get the purest and highest quality of Natural Herbs available

Methods Used

Few of the methods used to ensure the highest quality of products


Jeevamrit is a natural liquid fertilizer developed by Padma Shri Subash Palekar Ji ,  It is made by mixing desi cow dung and goumutra , Riverbed Soil , jaggery , gram flour and water. After mixing all the above ingredients let it sit for 3 days so it will get fermented and good microorganisms will multiply that help the plants a lot by providing all the necessary nutrients 

Pest Control

We Control Pest and Insects naturally by intercropping our herbs with marigold and tulsi plants


Made from a natural mixture of Neem leaves and water , dung and urine from desi cows. Useful against sucking pests and mealy bugs.

Sub Soil Spray

Invented By Padma Shri Dr CVR Reddy , this method involves spraying of 3 inch top soil and the soil which is 3 feet below Top Soil which is known as Sub Soil. Sub Soil Spray is extremely useful as the sub soil has ample amount of nutrients.

Pure and Natural Black Turmeric

Pic of freshly cut Black Turmeric Harvested from our Farm 

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