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Immunity Reviews


Hi...I just want to share the benefits I got after taking Black turmeric from Suyesha's own Farm AYUR ARANYA..I have been taking organic black turmeric since 3 months....I feel improvement in immunity...even though I get cold it didn't affect me much..stress and sinus headache, sleep has been improved...I like to continue the herb to lead helthy life and so sharing my experience with you all to get the more benefits with this wonderful herb. Thanks Suyesha ji for recommending this herb to our family.


Hi, 2 months ago Suyesha Introduced me this "organic black turmeric" cultivated from her farm AYUR ARANYA, I recommended it to my mother who is 51 years old. She used for a few weeks and now headache has gone down  a lot. She Says her body is light and comfortable while her immune system increases. That's an amazing Ayurvedic remedy. Thank you Suyesha for making us more aware of Ayurvedic herbs.

Kartick Srinivasan

First of all i want to say something about the owner of this venture -Suyesha ji- The kind of energy and drive she puts in to get a good quality product is just amazing. not only is her product , but she has genuine concern about the people who take it and constantly follows up with them to ensure they get the maximum benefit. Think of it like a teacher who will guide you in all steps and ensure you come out with flying colors. Her interest is not just in giving a high quality product and selling but to ensure the overall wellbeing of the people who consume it. This is true healing and compassion. If only all the sellers think this way on how this benefits all humanity , the world will be a better place. Hats off Suyesha ji for all your efforts ! My observation from using Khali haldi for last 3 months now.. 1. Mentally i am more determined ( food and consumption is more measured) . I think it's the sankalpam ( determination) which is more important. 2. See good amount of energy through the day.. 3. Can do with Less sleep. 4.Digestion and metabolism improvement 5. Also stopped taking coffee and just more healthy habits like ashgourd juice etc. helped. 6. overall 5/5 for this product. It is like a magic potion which helps overall not only the body but also the mind in making us achieve things. 7. The benefits which this product says is genuine and Suyesha ji will ensure you have all the help needed. Like a doctor she has your case file and will check up on you most of the time. Keep up the good worok Suyesha ji. You have a kind and big heart and the great product which you give to us is a testament to your effort !! Namaste and wish you all the best !!

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