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               Hemant Shinde

My wife was facing a lot of issues, specially post pregnancy effects like hair loss, irregular periods, acne and body weakness.And she has undergone a lot of treatment, mostly Ayurvedic medicines, but still we were not able to see any substantial improvement.Then based on our discussion a few months back and basis your advice, she started consuming Balck turmeric powder dose a month back.And we could immediately see the effect.She is definitely feeling better in terms of the energy levels and her improved immunity.Also the hair loss has gone down and haven't seen any acne since last one month.I hope over a period of time her health will get more improvements.Seeing this we as family has started consuming the Black Turmeric, including my kids, just to get the benefits out of it.

Thanks a lot to you for suggesting and providing us with the right natural product with guidance over the consumption.


Happy to share one more thing with you , that I feel my period problem is also regularised.. from past 1 to 1.5 years.. it used to come 2-3 days early... Initially it was 24 days.. but starting 2-3 days early made it 21/22 days only.. so was feeling it too early.. because it used to come every 21/22 days only. 
But after taking Ayur Aranya  black turmeric from past 3 months.. every month it started on 24/25 days only... I feel there is some hormonal balance happened as well.. So happy to share with you this as well 😃🙏🙏

Parag Kulkarni

Hello Suyesha ji


To let you know 

Today my Lipid profile reports came.


Last 3 years my Cholesterol was not backing down and was always very high category *240+* 


Even after taking Cholesterol medicines like Rosuvas it was still around *205*


I am not a smoker, no alcohol. 

Only non veg is my staple diet and Milk I need 


*Changes I made*

 A2 Gir cow milk (since last 6 months)

 Black Turmeric and pepper (since last month)


Today my Cholesterol is in nominal range of *160*


Thanks to A2 milk and Black Turmeric plus some  excersise able to get rid of bad Cholesterol now no medicine needed.


Will check after two months without medicine if it is still at 160 and below I am free.



Parag Kulkarni

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