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Hey everyone My Name is shalini and I have been using Suyesha

 Kapoor’s Organically grown Black Tirneric from their farm Ayur Aranya for over a month now and have seen insane development regarding my migraine and overall immunity.

I used to get migraine thrice a week atleast and now I’m hardly getting it once a week even after weather changes.

The intensity of my migraine has reduced plus my gut health has improved and my body is lighter as Well and I’m really grateful to Suyesha Kapoor for recommending me and my family this product


We Started using this product after reading reviews of other people only. My mom has migraine ailment, which triggers frequently here and there because of multiple reasons, she started taking black turmeric from the last 30 days, she is really happy with it as even after exhaustive work... she has not undergone any migraine or tiredness as well. Her Immunity level has also increased.

Everyone in our family has fallen sick due to climate change but she was immune to this.

Thanks Suyesha Ji for creating awareness and helping us in providing most valuable and quality product (black turmeric)

Ashish Kamani

I came to know about Ayuraranya from my close cousin after he insisted me to use their ayurvedic products. Let me start by saying I had a chronic migraine since I was in class 4th. Since then I have tried numerous products in homeopathy, allopathy and other ayurvedic products. Firstly they use to give relief for some days but it was all the same after few days. I used to take pain killers almost 7 to 8 times in a month. Now since I have started taking black turmeric as prescribed by Suyesha Ji I have received wonderful results. Now my migraine is well under control, the intensity and frequency both has reduced substantially. I am so thankful to her for helping me out from this habit of taking pain killers. I recommend people who have migraine to consult her and make their life easy going as I am enjoying my normal life..



Ashish Kamani

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