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Anti - Asthmatic

               Anita Kurella

I purchased black turmeric from ayur aranya for my son about a month ago, who is asthmatic. And the effects will come slowly but they are really effective. he used to cough in his sleep all the time, but now the coughing has reduced. it has also increased his immunity. Intend to continue for a longer duration. Thank you Suyesha Ji for ur suggestions.

Payal Moar

Suyeshaji 🙏🏻
I would like to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for Ayur Aranya Black Turmeric. As you know Suyeshaji I am/was(I wrote both 😊 because I don't know what my condition is) chronic  Astha patient and I used to take  Asthma medicine for the last seven or eight years. By God's grace, we met and you told me about this product I have started consuming it over the last two or two and a half months, and the great thing is I have stopped all my medicines since last month.  And I am not facing any problems. I hope this will remain the same in the coming winter Thank you once again 🙏🏻lots of blessings


I have Asthma and after using Ayur Aranya's Black Turmeric Powder I'm seeing great improvements. Its been 3 months since I have last used my Inhaler, feeling much better overall as well.

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