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Body - Pains

               ASI Yogendra                             Chhindwara

Jay Hind everybody . 

 I was suffering from frozen shoulder and spinal cord pain, so after consulting Sankalp ji, I ordered black turmeric from Suyesha ma'am and as per her advice, I took black turmeric for about a month, which gave me a lot of relief from the pain. I had gone home on leave, during that time my son who is 15 years old was having pus* coming out of his ear and he was very upset due to this, at the same time his 11th class exams were going on. My son's maternal uncle, who is an MD in body medicine(Ayurveda), saw black turmeric near me and asked him to give him dhupan, in which guggulu and black turmeric were put in the fire of cow dung cakes and its smoke was put in the son's ear. We are troubled by the problem of pus coming out of the son's ear since he was 8 years old, but this problem had stopped two-three years ago, at this time we were very worried and with the smoke of black turmeric and guggulu, in just three days, the son's condition started disappearing. The pus has stopped coming from the ear and now the same dhupan is going on continuously, now its pain has also stopped. Really the turmeric sent by Suyesha maam is very beneficial, for this we express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to her.


Rajendra Chauhan

I am using black turmeric sourced from Suyesha ji from last 2 months. Initially I was not regular in taking it but since last one month I am regular and pain in my knees has reduced to 60%.

It's wonderful experience


Hi Suyesha Ji, this review is in context of the black turmeric powder I had purchased from you for my ailing grandfather suffering from severe leg pain due to old age who is also suffering from cancerous tumour in the intestine.

My grandfather had undergone multiple surgeries and chemotherapy treatments to eradicate and control the growth of cancerous tumour. Owing to which side effects were nerve damage which resulted pain in the right leg below the knees.
I was looking for a pain relief medication other than the morphines which were usually prescribed by the doctors for pain.
While a pain relief patch of Fentanyl (morphine) is still used but pain was still present but after consuming the black turmeric for over a month pain has considerably reduced. 🙂

This is surely a supplementary herbal medication for pain. 
I recommend to procure it from Suyesha Ji who delivers the best quality sundried  black turmeric on time at a nominal rate benefitting everyone for any pain.

Thankyou once again Suyesha Ji for the magical herb and the consistent moral support. Namaste

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